An office close to home to save your time!

No more hours spent stuck in traffic – use this time for your friends and family instead. Even half an hour saved per day amounts to 3.5 hours a week that you could be spending with your loved ones or doing sports.


An office close to home to save your money!

If you are planning to build your own office, you have to know what the future holds for your company. In Viimsi Äritare, you can rent a space based on your current needs.


An office close to home to save your energy!

You will no longer waste fuel on getting to town as you can quickly organise your work from here. In addition, you won’t have to worry about administration and repairs, leaving you more time for your business activities.


An office close to home to support the development of the rural municipality!

As Viimsi Äritare will become home for you and many other small businesses, it will offer cooperation possibilities and create synergy hard to find anywhere else.


An office close to home is eco!

The building enables less driving and provides optimal space solutions, being environmentally friendly. Our interior design includes natural materials and dust free solutions, making it a great environment for those with allergies. Even children waiting for their parents after school will have a healthier space for spending their time.