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Crossfit will change your life!

Our constant desire to evolve and strive for perfection has lead us to an innovative method for caring for our body and mind – crossfit.

Eat meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, some fruit, a little starch and avoid sugar. Keep your consumption on a level that supports training, not body fat. Practice and do the most important lifts – dead lifts, power cleans, squats, pressing, snatching and thrusting. At the same time, master the basic elements – pull-ups, dips, push-ups, rope climbs, sit ups, handstands and other static positions, pirouettes, throws, jumps and steps. Run, swim, row, cycle – be fast and vigorous. Combine the above elements into different exercises five to six times a week and make as many combinations as possible. Be creative; routine is the enemy here. Keep your workouts short and intense. Learn new sports and keep developing yourself.

Viimsi Äritare’s crossfit studio will help you find harmony within and change your life. Have a look at and come join us!
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