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Lumen Dental Clinic celebrated its 25th birthday with the opening of a new clinic in Viimsi Äritare

On 8 February, Lumen Dental Clinic celebrated its 25th birthday and opened a new clinic in Viimsi Äritare.

Lumen Dental Clinic has been operating since 1993. The founder and leader of the clinic is Dr. Merike Immato, and for 25 years, the clinic has helped realise the dream of having a beautiful, healthy and fulfilling smile. The cosy, comfortable and trustworthy environment of the clinic along with high-quality dental, prosthetic and implantation services makes the place enjoyable to visit.

The clinic’s desire has always been to improve the quality of life of patients. Dr. Immato says: “We have rejoiced with our patients, helped restore their self-confidence, created new personalities and supported them on their exciting journey”.

Lumen Dental Clinic is located on the third floor of Viimsi Äritare. Click here to make an appointment!
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